Conflict Resolution

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein
Choosing the right approach to addressing conflict is a vital decision for any organization. However, choosing to ignore conflict can be devastating for the people and to the culture of the organization.

We offer innovative solutions to help your organization improve efficiency, deepen cross channel relationships and build trust.

Did You Know?

  • 85% of employees deal with conflict to some extent 85% 85%
  • 54% of Boomers said that the “opportunity to make an impact on the business” was the best way to retain them 54% 54%

The cost of conflict can lead to:

Poor morale, absenteeism, attrition
Workers’ compensation claims
Unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment
Poor decision making
Angry, resistant employees, feuding groups
Stress-related medical conditions
Wasted, non-productive time
Poor communication
Complaints and grievances
Theft, sabotage, violence, lawsuits

All of these factors can put a significant strain on any organization’s bottom line

Did You Know?

It is estimated that 30-43% of managerial time is spent mediating conflict between employees

Leadership Development

Organizations exist to serve. Period. Leaders live to serve. Period.” —Tom Peters
Are your leaders ready to excel in today’s work environment?

Becoming a leader doesn’t mean you have the right to be a dictator. In today’s ever-changing business environment, it is critical to develop the skills of your leaders to help improve morale and increase productivity.

Are you training SERVANT leaders?

SERVANT leaders drive results by enriching the lives of the people and the organizations they serve. SERVANT leaders understand that INFLUENCE is measured by relationship skills, not position or title.

Leadership skills aren’t trained – they’re developed and that’s why VITAL Solutions is committed to SERVE the leadership needs of your organization.

“You may obey a leader who has power and authority, but you will not strive to serve her or the cause of the organization unless you respect and care for her in addition to the ones with whom you serve.” — Dan B. Allender, Leading with a Limp

Did You Know?

93% of employees said trust in their direct manager is important to remain satisfied at work.

49% of HR leaders named retention and leadership development programs as the top priority among talent management goals.

Transparent Communication

“I think the currency of leadership is transparency. You’ve got to be truthful. I don’t think you should be vulnerable every day, but there are moments where you’ve got to share your soul and conscience with people and show them who you are, and not be afraid of it.” – Howard Schultz
If communication is essential to the needs of any organization – transparent communication is vital to the lifeline of your organization. Creating a culture that’s safe and transparent, requires a willingness to be vulnerable while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.
When your organization is able to operate from a position of transparency and trust, your people are more willing to share information upward, downward and laterally. We’ll help you develop your people, so that you can focus on their future.
“Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. Employees who are kept in the loop and understand their role in the overarching purpose and goals of the company are, understandably, more likely to put their trust in their employer.” – Andre Lavoie

Did You Know?

76% of employees don’t trust bosses who fail to share company data.

70% of employees say they’re most engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategy.

Emotional Intelligence

“As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step
When the stakes are high and the deal must be won, you can ill afford to let them see you sweat. The reality is we’re not robots. We’re humans, creatively wired with emotions, however, emotional intelligence (EQ) is not like your intelligence quotient (IQ). It is a skill that if properly developed can improve communication, enhance leadership outcomes and decrease conflict. In addition, emotional intelligence can lead to better team building and foster an environment for a healthier workplace.
At VITAL Solutions we pride ourselves on the things that matter most. Let us help you grow the talent you have by developing the skills they need. After all, a higher EQ focuses on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, which directly translates to leaders that are not only able to execute the mission, they are able to think through the process.
“Emotional intelligence does not mean merely “being nice”. At strategic moment it may demand not “being nice”, but rather, for example, bluntly confronting someone with an uncomfortable but consequential truth they’ve been avoiding.” – Daniel Goleman

Did You Know?

EQ is responsible for 58% of job performance.

It is estimated that employers spend roughly $300 Billion annually on healthcare and missed work, as a result of work related stress.

Diversity & Inclusion

“Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” – Verma Myers
Does your organizational chart reflect that you value diversity? Does equality exist within your organization? Do your hiring practices unveil a balance in inclusion throughout all levels of leadership? Diversity & inclusion must be a priority for every organization. With the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer, it is critical that companies hire talent from all walks of life (i.e. ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion) that can continue to inspire innovation.


Our value-add is to help organizations achieve this goal by educating, teaching and developing your people. We’ll help you foster an environment that breeds oneness, improves performance, promotes equality and provides value to your employees, customers and stakeholders.
“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” – Stephen Covey

Did You Know?

85% of large global enterprises believe that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace.

Inclusive Corporate Culture

“Culture can become a secret weapon that makes extraordinary things happen.” – Jon Katzenbach, Booz & Co
How do you establish an inclusive workplace environment that bridges the generational divide?

How do you build a culture that maximizes performance and  incorporates the core values of the company?

Inclusive Corporate Culture is about managing unique styles, leveraging various strengths and bridging generational differences. With Vital Solutions we’ll help you improve overall communication, increase cross-departmental collaboration, and decrease those negative stereotypes connected with each generation.
“If you do not develop your corporate culture it will develop itself. Corporate culture doesn’t happen by accident and if it does you’re taking a risk.” – Monique Winston, CEO Optima Lender Services

Did You Know?

68% of employees say their business is not doing enough to create a positive culture at work.